Sizing details

Sizing varies for each Dreamcatcher due to its design, but on average the dimensions for each standard size Dreamcatcher is as follows: 

6" Diameter - 24"+ Long
8" Diameter - 30"+ Long
10" Diameter - 36"+ Long
12" Diameter - 42"+ Long 

If you have a space constraint, let me know and we can adjust the final length and width to accommodate your space.

Custom and personalized orders

I am happy to do custom and personalized Dreamcatchers! Just send me a message on Facebook to get started. Together we will come up with a sketch that reflects your ideas. Then I will send you some photos of various feather and leather options.  

I love doing custom pieces and coming up with new designs. Often, a custom order becomes a named piece and earns a spot in my shop!

Care instructions

While in transit, the leather suede might become slightly crimped. Giving each strand a gentle tug should straighten them out! Please be sure not to pull too hard or the feathers and suede could detach from the dreamcatcher. While I do my best to secure each element permanently, they are still fragile works of art and should be handled with care.

Do you take payment plans?

I sure do! Just send me a message and we can work something out. After a deposit is made, I will start work on your Dreamcatcher. They will only be shipped when payment has been made in full.

What Crystals can I choose from?

My Crystal stock varies but generally I have these crystals readily available: 

>Clear Quartz
>Rose Quartz
>Rainbow Moonstone

Other Crystals are most certainly available, but require a quick trip to my local Crystal store. Message me if you have a specific Crystal in mind!

Can I have more than one Crystal on my Dreamcatcher?

Most certainly! I do have a slight cost associated with multiple crystals, but I assure you it won't break the bank. Just click the "Request a Custom Order" button to get started!

Can I have the EXACT Dreamcatcher in the photo?

I do usually have a few ready-to-ship items which you can find in the shop sections. For these items, you will receive the exact item in the photo. 

I can do my best to create Dreamcatchers similar to the ones in the photos, but due to the natural variance of my materials, no piece is identical. Look at it this way - Your Dreamcatcher is truly one of a kind!

How long will it take to get my Dreamcatcher?

Since I personally handmade each Dreamcatcher, it does take a while to complete each piece. Depending on the volume of orders I have, it could take as little as one week to be shipped, and as many as six weeks. I will be sure to give you regular updates to let you know when you can expect delivery. 

Gift wrapping and packaging

All of my items come gift wrapped as a standard, free of charge. I have photos of my packaging in the shop updates and in the listing images. If you would like a custom gift message added to your order, please just let me know via convo or in the notes when you place your order!