About Me

Hey there! I'm Steffe, the creator and artist behind The Dreamer Weaver. By day, I am an Architect in downtown Chicago, and by night, The Dreamer Weaver. 

I am an artist and lifelong creative living in Evanston, IL with my partner, cat, and two dogs. When I'm not showering our home with crafts and projects, I can be found being very unhelpful in the kitchen, walking to the lake with the pups, or watching a relaxing horror movie.

I cannot remember a time in my life where I wasn't making art in one form or another. Over the years I have explored many mediums and I always seem to thrive on variety. I think it always starts with the legos. For me, it definitely started with the legos. From there it moved on to beading, knitting, building elaborate cardboard castles for my pet hamsters, pottery, jewelry making, sewing, crocheting, painting, woodworking, weaving, and quilting. 

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan - a pretty artsy town and the perfect place for me to spend my formative years. Thankfully, I always had teachers and family encouraging my artistic endeavors. 

I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Architecture in 2012. Since then I have been pursuing a career as an architect, while cultivating my artistic pursuits simultaneously. I like to call it my "side hustle" but I suppose it is really my "main hustle". It is the one I am truly passionate about. 

My mediums of choice include fiber, textiles, graphic design, collage, photography, digital illustration, and every combination of those. I also enjoy bullet journaling and hand illustration, though I miss the ability to ctrl+z. 

To me, the name "Dreamer Weaver" means the intertwining of ideas. As The Dreamer Weaver, I am able to combine multiple mediums into cohesive modern works of art that can be both beautiful and functional. 

I hope you enjoy the creations of The Dreamer Weaver!